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Friday, 3 June 2011

Governors Palace

With gay abandon I set about gluing together bits from the cities of death mega city boxed set! Really, I just wanted to get a feel for the different parts and how they went together and only after a bit of fiddling (with the models) did I start to formulate what the building I was making was actually going to be (or at least what it used to be). Granted this is really the backward way of doing things because if you know what a buildings use is, then you can be guided to how it looks, how wide or tall it might be and of course what needs to go inside it! As it was, this thing started life as a simle two storey ruin.

Here is the back of the thing, showing a pretty basic layout. whilst fun to build, this wasn't looking like anything particularly special, and it wasn't until I started on my second building that it really hit me - the two things should get put together into one much larger building! Every Planetary Governor needs a palace to govern from... and this was going to be just that! The best bit is that because it is made up to two separate parts (importatnly on separate bases) then I can use the buildings as two smaller ruins as opposed to one large one!

From a practical point of view the large open ground floor area should let lots of models fight over the building. Whilst the fact that the building is not complete at the rear could suggest severe damage, or further parts to the combined palace. Of course, it also helps to make the buildings more usable when they are used in two parts.

You will see that I am using plasticard for the bases of my buildings. This gives them something solid to stick on to but does not give me a tall lip as you often get with MDF basses... this should help the buildings blend into the board a lot better.

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