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Friday, 18 November 2011

Review - Stone Texture Spray

Something a little different today. I've been looking around for a suitable sprayable texture and came across THIS from Plasti-kote, available in the UK (and perhaps elsewhere too). I grabbed a can of the stuff from a local hobby store (Hobby Craft) though I'm pretty sure that DIY stores carry this too (Such as B&Q). I was eager to try it out and show you lot the results! There's not much to say about the product really, its a sprayable texture that comes in a variety of colours which in theory means that you can get a range of different looks onto your terrain very quickly and easily.

It is suitable for use on plastic, wood and metal, which should mean that it is perfect for scratch built terrain which will often have a mix of these different materials. I tested it out on the recently reviewed Landing Pad as this terrain piece is pretty plain and simple so makes a perfect blank canvas.

The spray covers pretty well, though whilst wet it was very easy to rub off. The can says it takes a couple of hours to dry, though I simply left it whilst I went off to work so when I got back home I was able to handle it and get a good up close inspection. I was pretty pleased with the results! The texture is not too thick, but just about right. A nice effect is that the spray actually contains a range of visible colours, and the mix seemed pretty consistent throughout. I've noticed that it might have a tendency to scratch off even once dry, but I think this is more to do with the smooth plastic of the Landing Pad rather than the spray itself. A coat of spray varnish might help to prevent this though.

Despite this though, the spray does seem a little tricky to control and I'll be testing it on some cities of death panels before deciding if this is useful for the buildings.


  1. Very cool! I liked the amera plastics terrain and the stone paint looks really cool on it! Perhaps roughing up the surface with some fine grit sandpaper prior to spray painting them or going with a primer layer first may help with the rub-off issue. I'm planning on ordering up some of the amera stuff soon and will have to give the faux stone spray a go! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out on the CoD buildings!

  2. I have done some GW City terrain kits before with it, and a bit of advice I might add is to throw on a veryyyyyy light coat of primer before you spray it. From my experience, it helped prevent the textured paint from coming off, and you need it to go on smooth since you'll lose all the detail with anything more than a light coat of the texture paint. Another thing as well is to turn the can upside down and clear it when you're done, because with the textured paint and all, it tends to clog the nozzle more than a regular spray paint would.

  3. Thanks for the advice "Damn the Valley"! (is that Damn, or Valley for short??) I think you are both onto something, a primer layer might be a good go for the next test. I'll be trying it out on a couple of CoD panels before committing to doing an entire building. As you warned, I don't want to lose too much detail!

  4. I've just had a go with this on a gold photo frame and it as good as just slid off. So fingers crossed a coat of black underneath will help it adhere a little better :)