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Thursday, 2 June 2011

So it begins...

Hi everyone, it has been a while since I last started work on a NEW project. Unusual for me, as I do have a tendency to start lots of things and never get anything finished! Still, it's time for a new piece of pie to work on, and seeing as a friend of mine has given me (sold) his gaming board I need to make some terrain to fill it!

Here is the gaming board set up ready and waiting!

As luck would have it, I pulled out the virtually untouched "Imperial City" boxed set from under a bed. (Don't ask why I have this nearly completely on sprue mega boxed set sitting gathering dust - but lets just say it was a relic of another project which got left by the roadside!) So, I will be making a whole host of Imperial City terrain pieces for the new board!

So, before I even began building and putting things together I decided to spend some time doing some online research. Looking at a myriad of images and articles is very inspiring, and if anyone has any links to sources then it might be nice to see them. If I get enough then I suppose I'll add them to a big list and post them here too. Doing the research helped me see what I like, but more importantly, what I don't like and it started me thinking about how I can use the GW scenery parts.

The Design Principles
+ Create a range of scatter terrain pieces that can be placed onto a flat board.
+ Create great looking terrain that is varied, interesting and most importantly 'believable' (though also cohesive enough to work together)
+ Create terrain which has functionality for use in games.
+ Create a range of different buildings, large and small; including ruins, intact buildings and everything in between.
+ Use GW terrain as a starting point, and augment it with other details and scratch built elements.
+ Avoid using thick MDF bases, so that the terrain can appear integrated with the board.
+ Avoid large flat terrain bases - We've all seen ruins on open ground before, and it doesn't look great!
+ Avoid creating overly fragile terrain / parts as they will have to survive storage etc.