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Monday, 11 July 2011

Armies - Guard Tank Progress

So, the two Hydras, one Chimera and the Hades have been given their shading wash. I think that it has worked with mixed success. Some areas look really good, and other areas could have used a little more care and control.

The quickshade wash does darken the overall look of the vehicles significantly, even though I was careful not to overload it. Oddly, it does seem to bring out the armour paint chip detailing a bit more as you can see in the first image - the well worn Hydra rear.

The shot of the top of the Chimera (above) shows the mixed effect when applied to flat armour. As you would expect, there is a degree of variation in colour. This is better than test done with the GW wash, as there is pretty much no tide marking. To be fair, the colour variation can actually be a nice touch to give a worn and well used look to otherwise flat plates.

The stowage bits have received a re-highlighting since this image, and I still need to give the armour it's own highlighting. I try going at it with a fine highlight of desert yellow, including highlighting up the paint chips to add more definition to them.

However, it is in the finer details that the wash really makes a difference. As you can see, it clings convincingly to the details, picking out rivets and joins between armour plates etc. You can really see the shine in this picture, but it's nothing that a coat of matt varnish won't get rid of.

Before that though, the gloss varnishing should actually make the next stage of weathering a bit easier. Again, I'm going to cut corners on that bit... this morning I tested out a weathering wash. I'll be able to see the results when I get home from work! (Fingers crossed!)

Oh, and of course, we have a comparison shot so you can see the difference in size between the Hades and a Chimera.

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