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Sunday, 21 August 2011

Gallery - INCOMING!

Since I changed my list to drop the recently painted Leman Russ I needed to make a sharp move on and get a Manticore painted. At the time of the change, the vehicle was sitting half built and not content with simply finishing it I set about magnetising the rockets first. This was quick and easy to do, though took at least twice as long as it should have as I kept getting distracted by making all sorts of missile sound effects!!! Anyway, here is the result.


  1. Looking great as always!

    The only slight comment is the grey engines on the rockets, not sure if its the lighting or what, but when I first looked I thought they were unfinished, but, as I said, it could just be the lighting.

  2. They do have boltgun metal painted over them. These days, I seem to be using Charadon Granite as a base for my metal. It gives a really muted effect and where the metallic paint doesn't hit the grey comes through and looks exactly how you'd expect metal to be without a shine. On this, I think the pics make it look more unfinished than it is... tough to take the pics because the missiles come out really bright as you can tell.