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Friday, 7 October 2011

Armies - Vanquisher

Tanks! Yes, I'm working my way through them. First to whet your appetite is the Vanquisher for the Commander of my Armoured Company. Vanquishers are often used by Commanders, and it certainly looks imposing! I'm currently at the stage where I've just applied weathering with a sponge. I use Charadon Granite for this, over the Army Painter Desert Yellow base colour. I'm working on what seems like a bajillion tanks at once, so I'll keep updating with WIP shots so things don't stay too quiet!
As usual, the trick with sponge damage is to concentrate on areas that are likely to receive wear. This not only includes edges of hatches etc. but on this tank I've also paid a bit of attention to a section of the track guard to represent where the crew usually get on and off!


  1. Hi, i just walked thru how to paint a tiger stripe pattern tank if you like that style... I wrote a few post about it. I also began using masking fluid for creating battle damage (thru layering).

  2. Hi Donzo, tiger striping isn't something I was thinking of doing for this army, at least not the Russes... but I'm off to check it out anyway!