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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Gallery - Company Commander

Any Company Commander worth his salt will go to battle in his own personal Vanquisher! Being a Commander, 8 kill rings doesn't seem too far fetched, so lets just hope that he can live up to his reputation!

The kill rings themselves were my first attempt at using decals (transfers) in more than a decade. These ones came from the Imperial Guard transfer sheet, applied over a gloss finish. I couldn't help but fiddle with them so some rings have a bit of chipping. Once dry I covered them with another coat of GW Gloss Varnish and the matt finish spray helps to blend it all.
Given the ease with which the transfers were completed I began to think why I ever stopped using them! (Probably something to do with trying to put transfers on Space Marine shoulder pads) Needless to say, I think that I'll be using more transfers in the future, not least of all to create custom tank designations (you'll note none of my tanks are numbered yet). The great thing is that I should be able to simply apply transfers to my tanks at a later date... To help them fit in I can chip away at them using a sharp blade and then gloss and matt varnish them to make them seem like they've been there all along!
You can check out more tanks using my Gallery.


  1. Looking awesome! Love the kill rings on the barrel. I'm in much the same boat with transfers - I gave up on 'em a while back due to much the same issue (SM shoulderpads, gah!), but have started to use them again of late. I cannot recommend enough the use of MicroSet and MicroSol - it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to waterslide transfers.

    Your recent posts have me all jazzed about painting tanks, so I've started batch painting all the remaining vehicles for my Thousand Sons. There's red EVERYWHERE. Heh.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks, it's good to know that people are still interested! I always value your comments, I've read about MicroSet & Sol and not been sure about trying them out. I get the idea of simply evaporating the paper to leave the ink, though as I mentioned I am looking at making my own transfers and I haven't manage to find any info on how these react with home made decals (if they are indeed different).

  3. For pre-made transfers, I gotta say using the MicroSet/Sol is totally worth it. It softens the transfers such that they really lay down into every nook and cranny, which I love. In fact it even makes putting a transfer on a curved surface like a SM shoulder pad a non-issue! A bottle of each shouldn't cost you more than a pound or two, and it's one of those simple little hobby things that I look back and think "Why on earth wasn't I using this before?"

    I've been meaning to dabble in making my own transfers but as yet haven't given it a shot. I hear that it works much the same (and the use of MicroSet/Sol is almost requisite), but I have no personal experience with it...

  4. Okay, I'll probably pick up some of the MicroSol/Set stuff then when I start to really gear up my transfer making.

    I'll be sure to document how things go in blog posts too...

    Once I've finished painting the tanks, and played the 3000pt game they are getting ready for I'll have to decide whether to crack on with painting the infantry, or working on more terrain, or sorting out transfers. Given my painting load so far, I'll probably split time between the first and third things to give me a break from painting and get me back to terrain (where the transfers might also be useful!)

  5. I love how simple the tank looks at first, but then on a closer examination, I can see all the work that went into the V. Love that you chipped away at the transfers...it really makes the rings fit into the whole motif.

    Sexy tanks, everyone of them!

    I loathe transfer and have about 60 Crimson Fist shoulder pads I need to address. I've picked up the microsol but haven't brought myself to try it. I might have to just nut up and get them done after seeing this post!

  6. I'll be honest and say that the chips on the transfers were done more by accident than design... but you are right in that it works. It continues that effect that rings have been painted onto the tank and are perhaps starting to show their age... in the same way as the armour itself! Thanks for your comment, I always appreciate people taking the time to write!

    Hopefully in the near future I'll be helping address the "fear" of transfers... I think most of us have it, or have had it at some point!