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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

NEWS! Meatspace & How to Monster the Lab

January 2012 has been very busy in meatspace. There have been 4 birthdays, one of them mine, and one of them the little oinklings 1st! So much has been happening that I haven't been able to post all the random things I've wanted to!

First up, a shout out to the Midwest Monster Lab. Last month I was the surprised winner of a Member T-Shirt. It arrived at the beginning of the year, but Mrs oink decided to intercept it and wrap it up as a birthday pressie!

In true SAS fashion, here is Sir oink himself monstering the lab! 

If you haven't been over to, or heard about this blog then I'd heartilly recommend following them. Whilst they are still relatively new and still finding their workings you'll be sure to find high quality hobby content. Anyone who happens to be "local" to them should join as a must.

The Midwest Monster Lab

Next up, in amongst all the parties and clothes modelling I've been cracking on with another commission. My third in as many months. Another small one which has been perfect for me. You may have spotted the WiP. Whilst the sculpting isn't mine I'm going to find out more about that to give more details to anyone interested... there's lots of fine quality green stuff works gone into this piece!!!

Having received my portable lightbox for my birthday, I will also be adding more pictures to the iPaintmodels Gallery in the coming months.

Until then, you can see many more photographs of the above model by clicking HERE. Note, it includes a link to the scultpors... you will probably want to check out some of their other work!

If anyone has got any good links for taking quality photos I'd very much appreciate them!

iPaintmodels commission service

Finally, while I'm here, regular visitors may have noticed that just before the new year there were a few tweaks and changes to the blog. This was mainly aimed at improving "sharability", I added the "Add This" gadget to the posts and the top of the blog as well as the "Facebook Like" button (I had to jiggle some HTML to get things where I wanted it but it all seems to be right). I'm not sure if anyone actually makes use of these though, so please let me know if you find them useful or simply annoying!

I also added a "Back to Top" button that appears in the bottom right of your screen upon scrolling down. Hopefully this is a useful tool considering the lengthy posts I tend to do!

However, this is a call for you guys to have your say; what ways do you think that I can improve the look or functionality of the blog??


  1. That diorama is just plain sick! I'm liking the non-metal metallic on the spear.

    Thanks for repping the Monster Lab duds!

  2. Its actually a mix of techniques.... the metals are all painted using GW metallic paints... but there is a strap of white paint to show the light hitting. In short, I'm trying to perfect non-metallic metal techniques but using metallic paints. I feel that it gives a much better final effect.

    Oh and Commissar Robo... I knew that was coming... I'm sorry!!! Other than more terrain content, can you think of ways to improve the blog functionailty / appearance??