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Saturday, 10 March 2012

It's for the Greater Good...

I've done it again... I've gone and got myself hooked on another classic piece of my hobby pie. This time it's down to a game I had against a "regular" opponent where I cracked out my Tau as a last minute "OMG I haven't sorted an army!" sort of thing. The Tau have always been my go-to, but have sat in their case(s) for a long while now.

I got quickly frustrated at just how unfinished the whole lot were. I mean, they could pass for finished, but there were lots of finer details that I had wanted to add but just never got around to them. (oh, and all the actually unfinished models too!)

So, I made a painting chart.

It doesn't look good, but I've been very harsh on myself. It includes units that can be considered finished, but that I know deep in my heart of hearts, just aren't!

As regular viewers may, or may not be aware, the Painting Chart was brought to my attention by (as far as I know) it's public creator Admiral Drax. It is an invaluable tool in helping you to visually track the progress on your army. You can see my last Imperial Guard Painting Chart on my Painting Chart Page. This one will be ending up there too.

To show you just how harsh I have been on myself in the chart above... below is a picture of one unit of XV15 Stealth Suits which has been considered "in progress". 

To be fair, these chaps only need the most minor of detailing and tidying up... but you can see more pictures of this unit (and it's twin) on my ipaintmodels blog.

What does this mean for you... well... expect more Tau.

Oh, in case you're wondering... my Tau beat the alien Eldar scum in that game! They may not be the best around, the fastest, hardest hitting or most survivable... but they sure are fun!!


  1. Holy cow, that's a lot of models mate. Jeez!

  2. Yeah. Unfortunately, I don't do things by half. IG, Tau & Eldar are my biggest armies by far. Of course, I am growing increasingly frustrated that none of it is completely painted! Your painting charts are the tool I'll be using to help me track and complete these things once and for all!