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Friday, 29 June 2012

Armies - Final send off!!

So, as the sun sets on a 5th edition and the forums and blogs erupt in over-excited rage-quitters and nay-sayers I'm staying firmly rooted and doing what we should all be doing - saying goodbye to a game edition that has been part of my life and hobby by entering into a "friendly" tournament!

A little while ago I made THIS POST, saying that you'll be treated to more Tau posting as I concentrated on finally finishing to paint my massive Tau force. Since that time you have had exactly 0 Tau posts! hmm... The Unrealistic Artist as started and finished an entire army in that time! If you are quick, you might be able to buy it too!
Anyway, what this means is that I've decided that fun is the order of the day and I'm taking my Tau army to the Red War 40K Tournament run by the Redditch Wargame Society at TotalWargamer. You can meet one of the tournament organisers over at his Embolden 40K blog!

Although I don't normally post Army Lists on the blog this is what I will be subjecting myself to! You will agree that it is both vastly different, but also strangely similar to the army that you may have seen over on From the Fang. Less in the way of mega suit units, and more in the way of "oddball" choices! I clearly haven't learnt from him, and I would expect some equally harsh comments as I laid out on him!

Shas'El @ 87 (plasma/fusion/tracker)

Crisis Team (2) @ 102 (1x fusion/pod/tracker; 1x twin fusion/target lock)

Crisis Team (2) @ 124 (2x plasma/pod/tracker)

Stealth Team (8) @ 160 (4x suits + 4x gun drones)

Fire Warriors (8) @ 175 (rifles/devilfish/tracker/disruption)

Fire Warriors (8) @ 80

Kroot (10) @ 70

Kroot (10) @ 70

Pathfinders (4) @ 133 (devilfish/disruption)

Pathfinders (4) @ 133 (devilfish/disruption)

Vespid (8) @ 134

Broadside Team (2) @ 173 (ASS, 1x team leader/target lock/blacksun filter)

Broadside Team (2) @ 173 (ASS, 1x team leader/target lock/blacksun filter)

Hammerhead @ 135 (ion cannon/burst cannons/tracker/disruption/blacksun filter)

Thats up to a (not so neat) 1749pts.

Yes, there are some highly dubious choices in there, such as the Hammerhead outfit, the Stealth Suits and of course the Vespid. This seems to go against much of what is often said on the blogosphere about Tau... so we'll see what I can pull off!! At the end of the day though, I hope to have lots of fun and say goodbye to a dear friend!

Seeing as I'm here, I suppose I should explain WHY you haven't seen any Tau posts. My painting has been consumed by commissions through iPaintmodels. You can keep up to date with progress shots and discussions on the facebook page HERE. Be sure to "like" if you like what you see! (remember you can always hide what pages you like from your friends if you don't want them to know you are a massive nerd! lol!)


  1. My first impressions are too many points in devilfishs, no drone protection, and a very short ranged weapon loadout (fusion over missile pods).

    However I'll reserve judgement, and wait till you tell us how it went.

    Good luck.


    1. I've never usually been one for drone protection... but your other notes, and your concerns, are very well deserved. I'm basically running an extra fish and whilst this could be a waste of points, it also could provide a range of tactical flexibility... mobile LoS blocker, drone delivery or Kroot ride... I suppose it'll be about how I can best use it.

      I'll be the first to admit that my play style with Tau is not necessarily considered the norm... but it has served me relatively well in the past.

  2. AnonymousJune 29, 2012

    Hey mate, looking forward to seeing you on sunday, cheers for the big up! :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 02, 2012

    Hey mate, it was great to see you yesterday! Hope you enjoyed your day! :D

    1. yea, it was a fun day! my army done pretty well... if I had got more than 4 turns in the first game then I think I would have placed even higher... (I scored 4x the victory points, but the necrons had the advantage of knowing at the start of their turn it would be the last!) though thn I might not have fought vince... well... i call it a fight... tell him I'm sorry. lol!

  4. Hey, great article. Could we please get the link updated to say Redditch Wargaming Society and point to either http://redwarsoc.com/ or http://forum.redwarsoc.com/?