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Monday, 3 September 2012

Armies - Converting Crypteks

Everyone knows that any good Necron army will make great use of a range of Crypteks. The trouble is that there are simply not enough of a range of suitable Cryptek models and you have to venture into the realms of Finecast for the privilege.

I wasn't about to go and buy 3 or 4 identical models for a premium so I had a think, and a look around the blogosphere and instead bought a single box of Lychguard. Instantly saving me a fair chunk of cash (which, evidently I went out and spent on some Annihilation Barges... D'oh!)

The Praetorian back plate was perfect to represent some sort of Necron Cryteck... tech... and so the first thing was to shave off the excess moulding that would allow the Praetorian back cage to fix in place. I didn't want to use that - mostly because it would only get in the way of painting & utterly frustrate me.

In order to help with future flexibility I decided to magnetise the weapon heads on two of the staff weapons... converting two unique weapon heads in the process. This will allow me to represent a range of different Cryptek staffs depending on the mix and type of Harbingers I decide to field.
After that work was done, the rest was simple and I got myself 5 Crypteks!!! All out of a single boxed set with parts to spare (I will probably throw the useful bits such as the big shields and swords up on e-bay as I certainly won't be needing them!).


  1. I think the official cryptek model also has an awful pose, so I did the same thing but ebayed some deathmark heads.

    I like your idea on magnetising the weapons and the double blade weapon head you converted, so I'll shamelessly be nicking those (for the last 2 crypeks I've got to make) ;) I was going to just paint a different tertiary colour to represent different harbringers but your idea is better.


    1. Yea I was debating what head to use for the Crypteks, but in the end I settled with teh Lyguard heads because the artwork in the codex shows a Cryptek with the same sort of headwear!

      When magnetising the weapons, take care as the pieces don't leave much room for error! ...and be sure to use the smallest magnets you can find! I had 3mm x 0.75mm ones and you definately wouldn't be able to use any bigger than those!