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Monday, 6 June 2011

Re-Education Centre

Surely every outpost needs a Re-Education Centre. Where those with wayward thoughts or actions can be (re)schooled in the correct ways of the Imperium! Well, I thought so anyway, and got cracking on another building, still eating away at those parts in the big city boxed set, which is still posing lots of questions as to how I am going to use all of these parts! Mostly though, I just wanted to make a home for the new Brain Pump, no doubt a key piece of kit for helping those misguided individuals! As you can see, I haven't blown loads of pieces on a complicated or large plan for the building, as I want to try and make lots of buildings rather than one mega one!

I decided again that one half of the building would be mostly intact, whilst the other half would have suffered the damage, so set about the wall and floor sections with that in mind. I hadn't really thought much about what was happening on any further floors yet, so I decided to just put some balcony sections for now and work out the rest another time.

The Brain Pump fits neatly into the ground floor, perfect for fast and effecting "teaching"... no waiting.

You'll notice that the base for this building is a lot wider and this will allow me to build up rubble around the foot of the walls.

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  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    Brain pumps, that'll learn them! Literally - Hymirl