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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Review - Dungeon Casting Brain Pump

Over the week I received a well taped package, my brain pump had arrived! Not to be confused with other pumps on the market, this had come from Dungeon Casting and was bought through their ebay store.

I opened the box, to find another box! Holy Crap! look how many pieces there are!? Along with it were 2 A4 sheets of instructions too, though the questionable quality of the printing was matched only by my inability to match the 70 odd parts to their assigned code! I decided that this was futile, and proceeded straight onto the first diagram - which, to be fair was the first in a series of quite easy to follow pictures.

You may lambast me for actually following instructions, but an hour or so later and I had finished the pump, with some minor artistic deviation to suit myself of course.

Dungeon Casting produce all their stuff by casting Herculite into moulds. Basically, this stuff is plaster and the pieces went together surprisingly easily using a tub of GW super glue. Most of the parts were pretty well cast though there were a fair amount of air bubbles. These would be easy enough to fill, but I decided that the bubbles and defects would fit well when this thing was put into a part ruined building.

Overall, I'm quite happy with the result, the kit is quite easy to build, the material is easy to work with and the scaling seems just right.

You can view more of their stuff at www.dungeoncastings.co.uk and be sure to check out their ebay store.

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