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Friday, 8 July 2011

Armies - Hades Breaching Drill

You may have seen my recent post with my 1750pt Imperial Guard Army list. In it there is a Hades Breaching Drill, which is a model that I have loved the look of since it was released. As the tournament I am going to allows Forge World items I thought this was the perfect excuse to buy one! That, and I somehow managed to convince my wife that this would make a great Fathers Day present!

I was straight on the phone to Forge World and within a few days the drill arrived! Within even less time the parts were all cleaned up and put together (I have to say that this was a very simple model to build that came in fewer parts than I was imagining). I primed and base sprayed the kit as can be seen in these images, using Army Painter Desert Yellow spray (bought online from Triple Helix Wargames) and followed this with some heavy chipping / weathering of Charadon Granite applied with a sponge. I figure the model needed quite heavy paint damage to represent the trouble it goes through during drilling!

Not only is this a cool looking model that will work well in games of 40K, but it can also make a nice detail for gaming board terrain. This is perfectly showcased here on the "recalcitrantdaze" blog! Rictus has also converted some amazing looking mining machinery, equipment & terrain so be sure to take a look through related posts!

Rules for this little beast can be found in Imperial Armour Apocalypse II (and also in the free to download Siege Regiment Army List). Because you use a large template to represent it's arrival I have decided to fashion a 12cm (5") crater exactly for this purpose. Lucky for me I saw that I can buy this in a set from Amera Mouldings for a VERY reasonable price (Amera is also located within the Resources tab on the left). It has been ordered (along with another little something!) and you can expect item reviews in the near future.

Aside from this, painting is going to continue on the Hades and you will be updated as it goes!


  1. This got you followed. I'm impressed

  2. Very nice work! I'm always tempted by the breaching drill every time I browse the FW site, and your excellent work on it hasn't helped! I guess I'll have to add one to my next order. Keep it up, I look forward to seeing what's next!

  3. Well thank you, and like I said I will be continuing painting on this little monster across the weekend so will provide further updates as they happen!

  4. It's a very funky looking model and you have done a cracking job on it.
    A quick question I have is how big is it? as the picture makes it look quite small.

  5. It is quite small! I will take a comparison picture with the next blog post for it. To help you for now, it is nearly as long as a Chimera (when the front drill is included). In terms of width it is no wider than the middle bit of the Chimera!

    Like I said though, I'll get you comparison shots...

  6. Ah it's bigger than it looks then, was thinking matchbox car size for some reason.