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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Armies - 1750pt Imperial Guard List

Okay, so, as you may have read, I have been busy trying to get together my Imperial Guard army for an upcoming 40k Tournament organsed through the forum 40kOnline. Details of this tournament, taking place place on August the 21st 2011 can be found here.

Unfortunately this means that terrain building itself is taking a bit of a back seat - though the ever constant research continues of course, along with sporadic bidding on various ebay items which I think could be useful!
However, in order to keep you fed with hobby fixes I have decided to post about the army here, and I will compile any army posts together into the Armies page.

The one day, four game friendly get together is baing played with 1750pt armies, and it just so happens that the list I have written contains mostly all of the models that hadn't been touched by a paint brush!


For those who are interested, here is the list:

Salamander Command : 55 : 2x Heavy Bolters
(Rules in Imperial Armour Vol:1 Update)

Battle Psyker Squad : 155 : Overseer & 8 Psykers
- Chimera : Turret Multi Laser & Hull Heavy Flamer

Hades Breaching Drill : 50
(Rules in Imperial Armour Apocalypse II)

Platoon Command Squad : 105 : Officer with Melta Bombs, 2x Flamers, 2x Vets with Laspistol & CCW
- Chimera : Turret Multi Laser & Hull Heavy Flamer

Platoon Squad Alpha : 120 : Grenade Launcher, Autocannon
- Chimera : Turret Multi Laser & Hull Heavy Flamer

Platoon Squad Bravo : 120 : Grenade Launcher, Autocannon
- Chimera : Turret Heavy Bolter & Hull Heavy Bolter

Veteran Squad Charlie : 145 : Sergeant with Shotgun, 2x Meltaguns
- Chimera : Turret Mulit Laser & Hull Heavy Flamer

Veteran Spec Ops A : 90 : Shotguns all round, 2x Meltaguns

Veteran Spec Ops B : 80 : Shotguns all round, 2x Flamers

Vendetta : 130 : 3x Twin Linked Lascannons

Vendetta : 130 : 3x Twin Linked Lascannons

Leman Russ Executioner : 230 : Plasma Cannon Sponsons, Hull Heavy Flamer

Leman Russ : 190 : Plasma Cannon Sponsons, Hull Heavy Bolter

Hydra Squadron : 150 : 2x Hydra, Hull Heavy Bolters

Just in case you weren't keeping count, there are 12 tanks in the force, not including the Hades Breaching Drill (which whilst not technically a Tank can actually still ram and tank shock!)

The general idea is that I have a love affair with tanks, and guns. The list works on the principle that there is too much that you want, and need, to kill! Target the heavy hitters and the scoring troops will be left unscathed. Get at the Chimeras and the other stuff will blow you up, and once you finally do kill Chimeras, the chaps inside are totting some substantial firepower of their own!

The units throughout offer a degree of flexibility, with either one (or both) of the unmounted vets able to be assigned to the Hades... with the other being able to jump into a vendetta. The second vendetta also means that the Platoon Command can choose to mount up and shoot off with the Spec Ops vets for order issuing etc.

Comments on this list are more than welcome, though unless someone comes up with something extraordinary I wouldn't bank on me changing much as I have been slaving away at building, detailing and now painting basically everything!

I will post pictures up of current work in progress shots as they go if anyone is interested, and in any case you can see an incomplete list of what I need to do here and keep up to date by following progress here


  1. Do those Chimeras have a Stormlord Megabolter turret? Or is that the actual model, I can say it looks awesome though.

  2. Yes, well spotted. They are my Hydra conversions. The megabolter has been fashioned onto a Space Marine Razorback turret ring, and the Razorback topper has been glued into the open back so that the turrets can turn around freely (and be removed for painting and transport etc.)