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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Details - Explosivo!

Now for something completely different! haivng so many tanks in one army, I'd be a fool to expect them to all live too long! That's why I've started making some explosion markers! So far these look pretty impressive and in the fullness of time I will likely add some red and yellow tone at the base to give the impression of a fire on the go.

They are surprisingly easy to put together. I simply unwound a giant paper clip and glued and green stuffed this to a small base.

I grabbed some clump foliage (as available from Woodland Scenics) and superglued bits of it around this wire armature. Where there was too much, you just pick some off, where there was not enough, you add some tufts! Applying some superglue around the thing at the end helps to stop smaller bits dropping off.

Then, it was outside for a heavy coat of black undercoat. You really have to go at it in order to make sure you can't see the green. After this you can turn them whatever which way and add some white spray to towards the bottom. To be honest, I'm not sure if I should have done it the other way around - and gone in with the white spray first... let me know what you think!

These make great explosion markers - and I can see myself using some to help bring buildings to life too!


  1. Very nice! I keep meaning to make some clump foliage explosions but always for get to buy the stuff at the hobby shop. Nice work on 'em!

  2. They are unbelievably easy to do... definately recommend taking a little time to go ahead with them!

  3. They would also be handy for popped smoke. Really cool Idea. I think I will have a go at this myself!

  4. They look great! Defo going to be stealing that!

  5. I wonder if sealing a glue/water mixture before spray priming would help to solidify the piece, and fill areas that might expose its natural color.

  6. That's a very good idea. You can do a good PVA / Water mix which could be applied using a spray bottle (the cleaning product type). My only fear would be for it to stay "tacky", as can happen with the foliage... but it's well worth a test at least!

    That said though, I've used them on a number of occassions, transporting them in small containers and they've faired pretty well so far for my light gaming use.