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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Gallery - Command This

This jeep will form my Salamander Command Tank (Rules from forge world Imperial Armour Vol.1 Update). It basically acts like a command team in a Chimera, issuing orders to nearby dismounted units... except without the added bonus of infantry jumping out and flaming your face. It's been converted out of a classic Ork Trukk. The way I figure it, the Orks stole it from us, so this is what it would have looked like before. Pretty much all of the bits and pieces are standard GW parts, though the driver has the steering column magnetised to make sure that it actually looks like he's driving the thing (he kept falling out!)


  1. Awesome dude, that actually fits the aesthetic really well!

  2. Nice! I'm a big fan of 'de-orkifying' their vehicles into their prior imperial variants, so I really like what you've done here. Keep up the great work!