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Friday, 2 September 2011

Imperial Guard Painting Chart - Sept '11

OMG! I've got bucket loads of Guard to paint. I mean, I knew I had a lot... but I didn't realise just quite how much! Credit has to go to Admiral Drax, who was kind enough to e-mail me a template for his excellent painting chart. So, I got about adapting, and adding, to it...
I found a whole additional platoon of Tallarn sitting in clear bags! Looks like my own cupboard of doom might yet be able to rival Mordian 7ths'! I've re-arranged the units into new platoons, including the veterans, their command section could be fielded using the CCS as opposed to a PCS. A shout out goes for some help in accurate designations for the army...

Also, a fresh e-bay purchase struck gold! 4 Chimera that need re-painting to my scheme are included above (though they are pretty well... and thinly painted currently). I originally bid on these because of the Autocannon turrets. I got the lot for only a little more than buying the turrets new from Forge world... when they arrived, it turned out that two of them also had forge world rear ramps!!! Result!

The Autocannon armed tanks will form part of my mechanised veteran platoon, whilst the one armed with a dual Heavy Bolter turret will go to my Company Command Squad. The other one will slide into my other mechanised platoon. Of course, I need to add some more heavy Flamers, so I'm going to have to raid my boxes! Thinking about it though, I'll probably have to do a bit of modelling work anyway, adding stowage to my liking and that sort of thing.

Aside from the mechanicum section, which will include a converted Atlas (I have some parts for this already), I think that I will only be after a few sentinels for the Reconnaissance Section and I like the thought of converting some truck transports for the 3rd and 4th Platoons.

A bit like these!

That's all for now folks... And on that bombshell, I guess I need to get on with terrain building & army painting!!! lol!


  1. That is a whole mess o' guard! Drax's painting chart thing is so handy, definitely helps keep things organized and gives a nice sense of accomplishment as you update the paint progress. I look forward to seeing the Atlas!

  2. Tell me about it! Thank God for that painting chart, because I shudder at the mess of metal and plastic that it was before this degree of organisation!

    I'm consdiring doing this for all of my armies, though fear I might have a heart attack at the realisation of all the painting I need to do!