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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Tournament Run Down

So a little while ago I went to the 40KOnline Tournament, held at the fantastic Triple Helix Wargames near Bath. I of course took my Imperial Guard army with its many tanks. You often see lengthy reports of events when people return, with in depth notes on games, tactics and strategies. I don't want to bore you with the fine particulars, although there are a few moments I'll touch on a little later. The main thing to know in my report is..... I didn't win.

The good news is, that in one game at least, I got to use most of my destroyed markers! And they came in handy for general use as smoke markers at other times! For the gamers out there...

I came away with 1 win, 1 draw, 1 terrible loss and 1 narrow loss.

In both the draw and the narrow loss I was foiled by not getting to play a 6th turn. As for the terrible loss... this was terrible because I became the victim of the most amazing deep strike scatter I have ever seen - deviating a full 11inches into the only space in my lines (just) big enough to fit 3 obliterators, allowing them to eat me from the inside! Aside from that, there were some lovely armies and this report wants to concentrate on those. SO here are a collection of photos to show off the different armies that caught my eye and some of the OTHER games going on!

Yes, this ones mine, the scout trucks on an ice world.

Col. Gravis'awesome Commissar Lord.

Horrors from a lovely Daemon army!

A nice Chaos army - using SW rules to get loads of these riders!

Winner of "Best Army", you may recognise this from Valar

Another crisp gem from Col. Gravis

What happens when you fail to stop rhinos.

Sneaky White Scars soon met my Executioner!

Storm Ravens from a Custodes (GK) army!

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