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Saturday, 28 April 2012

The ones we forget!

Space Marines! I found these guys in my loft the other day whilst looking for some Epic models that I was thinking of selling off. The funny thing is that these guys are clearly old and I have very little recollection of painting them! Early in my modelling "career" I would often dip into the Catachan box for head swaps and was not worried about cutting up marines to create unique poses!

The bag they were sitting in meant that I needed to do a fair bit of fixing up, and I had to lose one or two in order to salvage the rest. I organised them into suitable units, realising that these three units could make a pretty good start of the Blood Angel Codex being one jump assault squad with a plasma pistol, an assault unit on foot with a meltagun and a not quite full strength tactical squad!

Its interesting looking back at old models and seeing how and where I have improved my painting! Its also interesting because some things haven't changed all that much, namely my love for lots of little conversions and additions to help make models unique.

You can see just by looking through the painted stuff here in my Gallery, or over on my ipaintmodels commission blog that the things I produce now are much nicer than these, although these certainly aren't terrible and would make a great starting force for someone and have a some room to grow into a little army with the addition of a personal HQ and a few vehicles, such as a razorback for the tactical squad and then some heavier tanks or somesuch!

Ultimately though, I've got absolutely no use for these guys. With that in mind, I'll be selling this lot. I'll probably stick them on e-bay in a short while, but if anyone wants to make me an offer before then, please let me know that you're interested! You can comment here, or post in the thread that I've started on Warseer.
Finally, let me know if you've stumbled across old models of yours and what you've thought about your progress since you painted them!!


  1. Those are very cool, Oink! Definitely a really nice starting force for a budding BA player. It's always fun to run across those old projects and see how they compare to ones current models!

  2. I love that your cruddy ol' painting jobs are WAY better than I could ever hope to achieve!

  3. lol, its not that they are necessarily "cruddy" its just that I can see how my painting has refined more over time! For instance, the metals techniques I use on weapons these days are more refined than a simple drybrush and my paint coverage is now much neater, as are my highlights.

    I think it just goes to show though, it really is about practice!

  4. Great job Oink. I really like the attention to paid to posing each squad into a variety of dynamic poses. The grenade throwing marines are especial favorites of mine.