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Monday, 21 May 2012

Blood Bowl Pitch

Well, just a shortie from me at the minute, I've just received some models for a cool commission I'll be working on, but that almost pales in comparisson to the fact that blood bowl is very much back on my radar thanks in no small part to a friend putting together a very nice looking Orc team (even if the thrower is a one eyed special seemingly incapable of picking up the ball! hah!)

This board was more than simple to make... An appropriately sized timber board had tile spacers glued on to mark out the squares. The whole thing was then coated in Artex, which had sand thrown over it before it was completely dry (thereby saving on PVA!). A few details were pushed into the Artex and the whole thing was painted (with a very big brush).

Following this, copious amounts of static grass was used to liven the thing up and finally the touch down, centre line and wide zones were marked out by painting the tile spacers!

It took about half a day if you ignore the drying times. Well worth it to be able to stomp friends poor blood bowl teams on!

That'll teach the wife for wanting me to do some tiling... not quite what she had in mind!


  1. Wonderful work, that! I often thought of making something along those lines, but never have got round to it. Splendid work, again, old boy!

  2. That looks excellent. Inspired use of the tile spacers.

  3. I can achieve when I set my mind to it...

  4. That really turned out fantastic! Great work man!

  5. Super work! As soon as I saw it I thought, 'Hang on...that looks like a brilliant use of tile spacers..!'.

    You could totally clean up on ebay with a couple of these...

  6. AnonymousJuly 27, 2012

    When you say 'Artex', what is that? The pitch looks awesome and I'm trying to figure out what you used as a filled (AKA 'Artex').


  7. Hi Anon! Artex is a surface coat used in decorating. You can get textured artex or smooth artex but it basically works a little like a thick plaster (similar to a filler). You should be able to find it, or something similar from hardware stores (depending on where in the world you are!) I plan to use the stuff for my full range of terrain once I get back onto those!