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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Gallery - The Devils Advocate

A lone Devildog helps round out my army list as a relatively inexpensive, ranged anti-tank unit. In the past I've not had good experiences with the Devildog, but I thought it was about time to give things another go. Being a fast moving attack tank I decided against adding stowage, after all I doubt others in the force would want to have their stuff blown to smitherines!

The barrel of the Melta Cannon gave me another opportunity to practice and refine the effects of heat on metal. I'm relatively happy with the process of washing that I use now and will be applying it to future models.


  1. Nice! The 'bluing' on the melta cannon turned out really cool, and as always the weathering really makes the tank look fantastic. I really need to start incorporating that technique into my own painting repertoire. Keep up the great work!

  2. The heat effects are actually quite easy to achieve, and I'd recommend giving them a go as a way of adding some interest to metal areas. I use GW washes, start with blue splodges, then add some red splodges, then purple ones, then go back in with some blue again. All whilst the washes are still moist. I think that concentrating the last lot of blue around the top of the barrel gives a good look and helps define things. The scout trucks had a subtler effect as I then used a brush to blend & pull excess.

  3. It never occurred to me that the heat from a melta gun might eventually blue the barrel like the exhaust on my motorcycle. This is brilliant. A good attention-to-detail idea well executed on this model.

    1. I've not got a motorcycle, but the exhaust there would be a great place for you to look at replicating on your own tanks. As you've got the real deal you can spend a lot more time studying the way it looks and you'll be able to improve upon my technique to get an even more authentic look to your models. Don't forget that you can use this technique on the exhaust of your russ tanks too!