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Monday, 22 August 2011

Gallery - Scout Trucks

These awesome looking scout trucks are from a shop brought to my attention by Mordian 7th. A little known independent called Ramshackle Games. They do a range of miniatures including multi part resin kits. This is particularly novel, as you can buy pretty much any bit they do individually, and combine the parts however you want! As such, this should be useful when I come to detailing my buildings, I've got a few ideas already.These trucks make for great counts as models for the Tauros, of Imperial Armour Vol.8. (I had planned on using them as stand ins for sentinels, though they are a bit longer than the 60mm base, and the Tauros fits the style so much better!)

I added some Games Workshop Stowage to help tie them into the Imperial Guard Army and fashioned a magnetised turret mount to be able to fix a weapon on top. Simple, yet effective. You can see the heat effects quite well on the exhaust shot, and as with my other tanks, following the matt varnish I went in with brown ink to help add some interest to particular areas. In this case, around the fuel caps. The last shot shows you all the size comparison.


  1. Nice! I definitely need to get a couple of those, great find, and they look fantastic with your paint and weathering techniques. Can't wait to see what's next!

  2. Thanks Mordian, I think credit has to go to you, and Ramshackle Games! They are quite nice models, and they are surprisingly sturdy and weighty! The central piece is a solid resin so really adds to the bulk of the model - resulting in a nice feel to it during a battle! I'm looking at some more purchases from Ramshackle...