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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Gallery - We got infantry too!

Yea, I've been building and painting tanks... lots of them. But I just want to remind everyone that I also have infantry! After all, the terrain that is currently taking a bit of a back seat wouldn't be half as fun if all I could do was drive around it! Here is just a small snippet of the completed infantry thus far. Unfortunately, for every guy that is finished, it seems another two are waiting to be painted!


  1. I assume these are going into your 1750 list? I love the fact I dont see a flyer! looks fun to play and play against with the current meta.

  2. That's right. As for the list, I'll be honest and say that earlier versions of it DID have some vendetta in (two in fact) and you can see that incarnation here. However, I done lots of swapping about and dropped them to go with more interesting selections! I'll also point out that I since made some tweaks to the more recent list and changed the sentinels for Tauros - using the Scout Trucks for the models...