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Thursday, 15 December 2011

iPaint - Goblins

So, I'm starting to settle in to combining my two blogs as closely as possible. Partly because it makes things easier for everyone, and partly to help generate mutual interest! haivng thought about things carefully, you guys don't want to have to trawl throguh two separate blogs, but likewise the iPaint commission blog has too much information of its own to fit here!

These Goblins are part of the same Heroquest commission as the Chaos Warriors from last time. These evil critters were a real nightmare to photograph. The things are so darn small! The robes were very different from the detail of the Chaos Warriors I showed you last time, but were relatively quick to complete.

I tried my hand at some wood effect on the shields but most of the work was concentrated around the skin. A number of layers were painstakingly concentrated here, for me, it's the most important feature of the goblin model... yes, more so than even the robes! To help add character, and maybe make you feel sorry for the little dudes, some red was added to their knuckles... and noses of some!

As a final touch some brown and grey was brushed on the feet and the bottom of the robes to give the impression of dust and dirt.
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  1. Looking good! The goblin skin turned out really well, and the purple cloaks really work well as a contrasting color. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Mordian, also, you'll be happy to hear that I have a few terrain related posts being worked up at the moment!