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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Air Traffic Control Tower

Following getting the Landing Pad from Amera Plastics under way I decided that it could form part of a new set of themed terrain. Yea, I know, I haven't even finished ONE of the city buildings and I'm already thinking of and working on alternative board set ups! Well, I've got some ideas for putting together an airfield style terrain set, and no airfield would be complete without an Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC). If you've looked through my Inspiration Page you might have found Bugbaits Terrain Thread over on Warseer. He's made this one easy for me because he's even linked to templates in order to construct an ATC using his specs!

So, I picked up some foam core from a hobby shop that was selling it off on the cheap and printed off the templates to get started! I even found a cardboard tube in the spare room. Liberated from who knows where, at some point in the past, probably because it looks pretty much like a pipe bomb!

I was ultra eager, so ignored most of my own usual advice (you'll hear this in a tutorial post very soon)... by using a ball point pen kindly donated to us by the British Red Cross, rather than looking for my mechanical pencils!

It was during the cutting out that I realised the dastardly fellow Bugbait had actually decided to give me a raging headache by not actually making mathematically correct templates! Truth be told, it's only my anal retentiveness that is giving me a desire to make new templates on AutoCAD at work... because once built, I doubt that anyone would ever actually notice (except now that I've made it public knowledge of course!). I'm currently having to use all my willpower to simply carry on and not start things from scratch using more accurate templates... because as you can see, it just looks like a pile of paper at the minute!

Foamboard is an incredibly easy material to work with, but you need to be sure that you take care and work with the material rather than against it! As a result, I'll be posting up some tips on how to work with Foamboard (AKA Foamcore) very soon so watch this space.

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  1. Nice - looking forward to seing how this turns out!

  2. I followed your links last post and ended up bookmarking Bugbaits stuff - funnily eough it was the control tower that jumped out at me as a 'if I ever get time I must make one of these'.

    I think it was the FW aeronautica airfield table in the masterclass book that got me hooked on doing a landing pad/control tower set of terrain. As stated though, time is my worst enemy so I never kicked it iff.

    Will be great to follow your efforts towards getting one up and running.

  3. Funny enough Rogue Pom... it was that exact board in the masterclass book that got me spurred with this theme of terrain - more so when I spotted the Landing Pad whilst browsing the Amera Plastics site! I've also seen some gutter sections in Wickes (hardware store) which could make great barracks style buildings...

  4. Funnily enough I use AutoCAD for doing templates for cutting out foamboard as well. Frankly it is the only good thing about my job...

    As another person who loves the AI board from the Masterclass book I look forward to seeing what you do with the tower.

  5. Well, my first thing I think will be a template re-draw... The sections I cut out have been sitting on my table and I've not wanted to put them together because I know how wrong they actually are! I have to curse myself, but if we don't have attention to detail what do we have!?

  6. Anarchy, we have anarchy...