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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

News! This might be important!

So far this month I've been doing a bit of painting. The models are for a commission project for which I am but one of the painters helping to get one guys old copy of Heroquest up to date with nice new models! If any of you own or remember Heroquest you'll probably agree that is no bad thing!

I've also been doing some gaming (as you might recall) but otherwise I've had my desires for continuing my terrain put to a firm stop. The weather has meant I've been prevented from testing the Stone Texture Spray on any Cities of Death tiles and this has been top of my to do list!

However, I did busy myself with christmas shopping! and on my list was the Garden of Morr (from GW)... as I think this would make a great addition to my Imperial Shrine. The game played on my terrain showed that there could probably be a bit more in the way of scatter scenery about, the Garden should be perfect for this. Hopefully I will be able to post after Christmas with more on this!

It's not just about pre-made stuff though, I've got a set of plans to make an Air Traffic Control Tower and will be making a start on that very soon too. You can find these by going to my Inspiration Page... and following the link to Bugbaits Scratch Built Terrain.

By now you are probably getting the idea of what I'm about... the pie gets continually cut down into smaller and smaller slices until there is a bit of everything... Also, remember to show your support for the iPaint blog by following me there in order to keep right up to date with things! I'd very much appreciate the encouragement!

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