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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Air Traffic Control Tower - Mk II

Regular visitors may remember that I recently started work on an Air Traffic Control Tower, the templates for which were supplied by the (probably well known) Bugbait... as found on Warseer. I know what your thinking.. "the first one is still in pieces how can you be doing a MkII?" However, not long into the process I realised that there were many things which I couldn't let pass! The base panel was not an accurately drawn shape, with odd dimensions... and the fins appeared equally drawn "by eye". I'm known for managing to fudge a finish... but you can't start off in that manner!
So, I set about constructing & evolving a tower design in Google SketchUp (the same thing I've been mocking up the foamboard tutorial images with). I started off by using the Forge World Aeronautica tower as inspiration (as seen in the first image of this post). But for some reason it doesn't seem quite right... The second evoluation brought it a little back in line with Bugbaits angled design... though I could see that constructing this out of foamboard could be a little flimsy.

The design on the left looks like a more finalised mock up. It is still work in progress, but it has some features nabbed from Bugbaits design & the Forge World model. Importantly, it is based on an octagon, just like the Forge World airbase scenery, and has the angled fins too. The control room includes an internal core shaft so that chaps can go up and down without getting wet!

Importantly though, there is a degree of simplification in the components that make up the model, this one will use a combination of foamboard and plasti-card / card stock.

I will be able to use this model to set out a sheet of templates which can then be used to cut pieces out of foamboard and plasti-card. So, hopefully the next time I post about this, I'll be able to show you those templates!


  1. This looks promising. nice design work too, looking forward to seeing more of this!

  2. Interesting! I like the look of the final sketch-up, really looking forward to seeing it realized in foamcore and plasticard. I hope you'll share the templates as well - not that I NEED more terrain, but I'd certainly enjoy building more terrain!

  3. Thanks guys... I am all up for sharing templates... not sure what the best method for doing so is? I can maybe make them available as a PDF download through Google Documents?? Or else e-mail them to whomever asks?? Need to set them up first anyway (and then check they go together right! hehe!)

    1. If you ever need a platform to share them, I have a webstore that can allow people to download them easily enough. email me if your interested. thecardboardbunker@gmail.com

  4. Brilliant work!! can't wait to see the finished result

  5. Thanks for the encourangement and tip... Having created the templates I've noticed some areas which weren't fully considered so I'm currently thinking about the best ways to resolve certain issues which can be easily replicated. This is foremost in my mind, though I keep getting side tracked with other things... I'm a little like a goldfish...