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Using a range of sources for inspiration is an important way of forming and executing ideas and the hope is that this will result in a rich collection of terrain and scenery items.

Below you will find links to some of the inspirational items which have helped fuel the project(s) and hopefully they will be inspirational to others too!

Ash's terrain - Ash, from Warseer shows us his completed scatter terrain pieces.
Bugbait's scratch build - Bugbait (also of Warseer) shows us lots of great scratch built terrain... plus he's even taken the time to make a content page!
Mad Marty - Over at Dakka Dakka there is this little gem of a project... unfortunately, you have to trawl through lots of spam between the nice WiP scenery!
Terraformer - Shows us his skill with Foamboard (AKA Foamcore) and builds an awesome LED filled Necron terrain piece! Go and look now!

Sabol Studios - Battlefeilds to make your jaw drop.
Senji Studios - An awesome array of terrain, scratch built and painted to a high standard!
Bristol Vanguard - Link to their terrain page, and here is an awesome slideshow

Come back often to view updated items