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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Battle Report! - "The Dawn of War"

I've not long finished playing the first two games using all of the tanks I've been working on as well as my terrain pieces, some of which you can see here - others you can consider as sneak peeks in the images below! The game was a 3000pt battle between my Armoured Company and Blood Angels belonging to Valar. Of course, there was much debate over who the heretic was... I've decided that my army has a Commissar in it, so it must be the Blood Angels...
So, here it is... any questions, just ask! I believe Valar will be making a video report will will answer lots of holes, I'll let you know when it's available!

+++Transmission Intercept+++
+++Run Program Gamma... De-coding+++
+++Message Reads+++

Brothers, planetary body 311 Alpha, Sector N401 E934. Objective sighted, strike program Omega. 05:00hours. Engage at will....

+++Message Ends+++

The darkness of the night was pierced by the searching lights of the Leman Russ tanks of the column as they arrived at the old Administratum Sector en-masse. The ground trmbled beneath the grinding behemoths, and their illuminations snaked amongst the vacant ruins looking for any sign of a foe, their controllers hoping for none. Suddenly, the nights sky bloomed with the fiery blast of retro engines and a metal husk crashed into the earth with a sickening crunch, its doors blasting open and revealing a walking Dreadnought, clad in glistening red armour as strong as a bunker wall...

Commander Al'Rusal was quick to react, his years of experience showing as the Vanquisher let out a snap shot which hit the dreadnought square on. But the elation of the dreadnoughts demise quickly subsided as the glow of its explosion lit up further enemy armoured targets in the distance, and the telling silhouette of heretical marines atop the Basilica. They were in control of the AA battery there which would prevent Imperial reinforcements arriving whilst allowing free passage to further enemies! Spotting this threat, one of the Executioners opened fire at extreme range, felling some of the foul warriors as they dove for the cover of the parapet. Further fire from Leman Russ tanks on the far flank whittled the number down and the remaining few troops fell back to seek cover behind the towering building. The explosive initial exchange was not without casualty, one of the supporting Banewolf tanks sped haphazardly into the ruined Governors Palace and threw a track whilst other tanks in the column turned the Drop Pod into a smoking wreck.

Further enemy positions were revealed with the cracking of bolt weapons and the whirring descent of jump pack troops. The Dawn of War had arrived!

Guard Turn 1: Moving on under cover of darkness the Battlegroup stumble across the enemy. The mass of tanks arrive on the right, taking advantage of diagonal lines of fire.
BA Turn 2: Jump Troops arrive on the Imperial flank seeking retribution for the first turn atrocities. They will claim the Executioner as their prize.

BA Turn 2: Librarian Dreadnought strikes at the mass of tanks, but leaves himself in the gun sights. The Commander will fail to hit at point blank range!

As the skies were raining more and more enemies, so too were they beginning to reveal themselves from amongst the ruins. The westerly advancing Conquerers were the first to become aware of the enemy Vindicators as a shell blasted into the old Mechanicum Offices sending chunks of plascrete raining onto the armoured hulls. From inside, the cascade was like a deafening rain storm for the crews whose return fire seemed altogether less imposing! Meanwhile, in the east, an entire unit of Assault Marines were vapourised by a single volley from the remaining Executioner.
BA Turn 3: Land Speeder reinforcements arrive. Note the Vanquisher failed to hit the Librarian Dreadnought at point blank range!
IG Turn 3: Having re-located, the Russes have to resort to hunting down the defiant Vindicator! Elsewhere, the Commissar shows his mettle by showering deadly fire onto Land Speeders.
The Battlegroup flood the streets as the sun begins to rise over the crests of the ruins. Tanks catch glimpses of enemy targets through windows and across streets but the close quarters prove a hindrance to the crews. Nevertheless, their simple presence prevents the enemy clear routes through the sector. In the centre, the enemy command Razoback, having had its Lascannons blown off, makes it's advance but is halted by the sheer weight of numbers as it tries to capture the Imperial Officer.
IG Turn 4: The Command Razorback destroyed, the unit suffers at the hand of the Banewolf Chem Cannon. Only the Captain remains. He promplty destroys the second Banewolf and readies his Thunder hammer once more!
BA Turn 5: The Land Raider with Terminators tries to get into the fray, but becomes immobilised, leaving the way open for the damaged Banewolf to rush to contest the central objective at the last!
IG Turn 5: Finally, after no less than 3 turns of shooting, the stubborn Vindicator is outflanked and destroyed.
As the morning sunlight flooded into the Basilica, long shadows were cast across the smouldering debris. The Blood Angels had lost control of the AA mount on the roof early on, and were prevented from re-claiming it through concentrated firepower. But this was of little concern, as the realisation dawned that the enemies fighting so bitterly in the darkness were not enemies at all...

Both the Blood Angels and Imperial Guard contested one objective of the three objectives. The Game ending on turn 5 in a draw!


  1. Very well done oink!!
    Need more posts on the Terrain pieces, these spoilers have my mouth watering!!
    Also the ruins need a lick of paint.

  2. Very cool report! Love the pic of the Vanquisher with its barrel pressed against the back of the BA librarian dread. "Hold it right there, this is a stick up!"