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Sunday, 4 November 2012

On Sale - Rare Gamesday Miniatures

I've amassed a lot over the years and I really do need to start slimming the collection down! I simply don't have the space (nor willing wife) for a closet of doom the likes of Mordian! Hopefully the start of some selling will win some brownie points with the other half! (and bring in some funds for more projects... shh... don't tell her!)

I will be starting this with some rare gamesday miniatures and open them up to the community.

I've placed these in a thread on Warseer too, which can be used as a platform for trading if people feel more comfortable with that.

All of these are Brand New and still in their original packaging;

  • £20 - 2002 Gamesday mini - Chaos Champion 
  • £35 - 2003 Gamesday mini - Space Wolf Priest 
  • £40 - 2004 Gamesday mini - Archaon on Foot 
  • £30 - 2005 Gamesday mini - Space Marines Sgt Aurelius 
  • £30 - 2008 Gamesday mini - Space Marine Captain 
  • £20 - 2009 Gamesday mini - Exalted Chaos Hero 
  • £20 - 2010 Gamesday mini - Chaos Sorcerer 

As always, no price is final so be sure to get in touch with your interest. You can contact me using by leaving a comment, through warseer or sending me an e-mail (I think you can see this on my profile page?)

I'm happy to accept paypal for both our securities, but if you want to discuss other payment methods then note that in your message. I can ship worldwide, and note that these costs may vary depending on miniature and quantity.

So, if you are looking for some rare models in mint condition then just get in touch... and be sure to share this with anyone you know who may be interested!

Oh and finally, in case anyone is interested in some painted Minotaurs (of the Fantasy variety) I now have a unit up on e-bay - here.