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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Gallery - Leman Russ

You're probably sick of all... these... tanks by now... but my latest 3000pt Armoured Battlegroup List includes no less than 17 of them. This guy will be one of the squad leaders, the stowage on the back is again a mix of different stuff, plastic and resin... the bucket is from a Tamiya kit and I filled it to help add some interest. You'll hopefully also spot the tow cable, its not the first one I've done, but the idea is to cut the ends off of the standard plastic cable and then part drill them so that string can be partly inserted. This can then be bent naturally around the form of the tank, here left to dangle under its' own weight.

I probably should have used a more nylon based cable as it would give the idea of a metal cable rather than this which gives the impression of an actual rope. Having said that, this string is incredibly easy to form to the contours of the model so gives a great impression of weight. In any case, I'm pretty happy with the result and try to tell myself that the 41st milleneum might well have a rope material just as strong as a cable would be.


  1. Sick of tanks? Impossible...

    I've not thought of using string for the tow cable, I have done the same thing but with some chain before but I quite like how the string has turned out.

  2. Looking good! The stowage really makes it!

  3. A tank without stowage is no tank at all. The tow cable looks great! Nice and frayed like it's done some work!

  4. hehe, I'm glad you've not had enough of tanks... I've still got more to show! lol! I should probably do a post about where I got the different stowage details from because it's probably something that sets my tanks apart from many others...

    Thanks for the comments all!