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Friday, 11 November 2011

News! iPaint

Thats right, iPaint. Well, technically this month I've not done much painting at all, but that's because I'm working to bring a new commission service online! I'm calling this iPaintmodels... because iPaint models for people! You can head straight there at any time by using the iPaint tab at the top of this blog!

As this venture is for me to do in free time and not a professional painting service to provide me with a main form of income, I will only take on commissions for projects that I can feel passionate and enthusiastic about whilst avoiding any projects which are likely to suck the life out of me!

This means that I will always be able to produce high quality miniatures! Indeed, given the actual amount of free time I have it is likely that I will only take on one or two commissions a month, depending on what is actually asked of me!

I particularly like painting single miniatures such as characters, but can also do unit(s) or even entire armies on occassion! I will be aided in this adventure by my friend 'Valar' (not his real name of course). You may remember his lovely Iyanden Eldar army from the 40kOnline Tournament run down post a little while back.

I'm still ironing out the details and working on making the iPaintmodels blog look awesome, as well as add all important images of models as examples. We are also looking at selling some painted stuff on e-bay in the near future to help get some stuff under our belt as well as scouring through our respective cupboards to find stuff that we can paint up to sell in the near future!

If you are interested in using the iPaintmodels service then feel free to get in contact through the new blog!


  1. Good stuff, just be careful of copyright infringement of the obvious 'I' ;-)

  2. hehe, noted, though here it appears as part of a sentence... "i paint models". Which inceidentally, is exactly what I do!

    Sorry all for the delay in getting teh gallery up, I am awaiting a light box to take great pics. But now the missus says she will be buying this for me for christmas so it looks like it will be a while.

    I've got a bunch of models waiting to be uploaded though... and, shock horror, they aren't tanks! lol!

  3. Heresy indeed - but I cannot wait!