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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Build a Revenant Titan - Part 5

Whilst the supporting ankle was drying I got working on the upper torso. Having figured out the angle I'd be left with (pinning reality sometimes results in slight differences to imagination!) I could work out the degree of twisting the waist would need. To be fair, I'm pretty certain you need at least three hands to juggle the pieces around when dry testing but I finally settled on my plan of action.

With the supporting ankle in place there is a better idea of the final angle of the model and so I could position other parts according to that.

I started by drilling the hole for the pin in the torso and glued it in place before working out the correct angle to drill into the waist section. By Now I was getting pretty good at this though so it wasn't overly taxing! Once drilled I glued the parts in place using my superglue & PVA mix (as discussed in the comments here). As a note, I used a blade to score the ball of the waist to give the glue more hold. I followed this up by glueing on the front plate on using regular super glue, I gave it a bit of an angle just to echo the twisting movement. After all, the idea is that ALL of the model should portray the same idea!

The next part was joining the other foot to the leg. Although it would not need to support any weight I decided to pin it in place anyway using a single pin as shown below. The foot is important because the angle helps to show the movement in the pose, positioned to show where the leg had come from. Even the small heel engine was placed as far round as I could get it so that everything evoked the sense of movement I was aiming for.

Next time, I'll show you what the parts look like together and you'll get the first glimpse of this pose I've been going on about!

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  1. Looking good man! Nice work on the torso and leg positioning, I'm really looking forward to seeing it together - it's going to have a great sense of motion to it!

  2. Thanks for the continued comments Mordian! Very much appreciated... Shame on the rest of you... I know you're looking!!! hehe!