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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Build a Revenant Titan - Part 8

We're nearly there with the build of the Revenant Titan. At the end I'll post a full list of the tools and materials used. Until then I've got an update concentrating on the upper body portions which include the head, arms & fins. They are all relatively simple parts to put together but are equally as important as the posed body because they will help to add character to the model.

The head is a lovely piece, very Spartan, and the face lifts to reveal a very detailed pilot! To help add diversity I decided to pin, but not glue it into place. Often, the way a head is facing can drastically affect the overall feel and atmosphere of a model... In my case, turned to face into the angle of travel, the Titan would look like it was hunting whilst turning it away from the line of travel would make it seem like the Titan is dodging!

The Pulsars and large rear fin were the only parts of this kit that needed some warpage resolved. I will avoid writing about how to do that here, mostly because there are tons of resin guides from manufacturers, but if there is call for it then I can post a little Tutorial on the matter. As with everything else, the parts were pinned. Here, I chose not to glue so that I could remove the guns for safe transport. I'm debating on going back and adding magnets here.

The upper arms were perhaps the most limiting part of the model. Although they have ball and socket joints (at both ends) the shoulder gets in the way! I had to settle on a pose as best I could though I'd have preferred a degree more travel at both the shoulders and elbows.

Seeing as the Titan was running in full pelt, I decided against raising the guns for an aimed shot.

Finally, the rear fin is an awesome piece that adds some real height to the kit (as if it needed any more!) The next installment will have some ups and downs...        you have been warned.


  1. Looking lovely. Almost tempts me to get the Chaos Warhound out and start building it, almost.

  2. That would be an awesome series to track... especially coming from you!You should so do it!!!