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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Inspiration - Bristol Vanguard Gaming Club

Don't panic! I'm not dead! I have been utterly busy with another project to build and paint a 1750pt Imperial Guard army... I still have a lot to do with it but thus far I have avoided posting about it here because I would probably rather keep this project theme intact.

In the mean time however, I haven't been sitting idly and have been keeping a keen eye out for all sorts of inspiration. Not every gaming club has the good fortune to have a collection of awesome looking terrain. But at the Bristol Vanguard Gaming Club they have just that. In fact, not only do they have some awesome looking terrain pieces, but they have combined them into very inspirational gaming boards! Looking at the images below, and on their site I am sure that you can agree they have created some very nice themed terrain and boards, though that in itself is probably the subject of another post!

I am reliably informed by an avid member of the club that they are lucky enough to have a pair of budding terrain experts that tirelessly scratch build and paint all of their terrain pieces. Using all manner of DIY sources and structures, augmented by a range of Games Workshop bits and pieces at least in part donated by other
club members they go about their dungeon workshop to produce some of the best looking tables I have seen. Perhaps it's not just the fact that they can produce shuch nice looking terrain pieces, but that they can do this continually, and create very nice themed environments.
Whats more is that they are proud to present them on their website, and can be found here. This site will of course be making its way onto my "Inspiration" page where it belongs. And I hope to at least try to recreate some of the great features that you can see, such as the barrack style buildings!

You can also check out more detailed and awesome slideshow of their boards in action at their 2011 "Longest Day" Tournament! Definately worth a look, and I will be making a note of it for next year for sure!

Of course, the scratch building portion of my terrain building won't really kick in until after I have exhausted the majority of the kit work that I have... unless I just can't wait any longer!


  1. Soooo wheres the progress on the IG Army? :P

  2. Ask, and you shall receive: