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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Mechanicum Supply Stores

A nice quick stand alone terrain piece to go along with the larger buildings, these storage garages are designed to provide small scatter terrain that will fit into a variety of board themes. I started by building the intact one, with the aim of creating something that would solidly block line of sight. As such it has no windows and the doors are kept shut. The roof is removable in order that you can actually get at the inside if you wanted to. The vehicle cupola and hatch should be able to fit nicely onto the hole in the roof. It is a small, simple terrain piece but will help add some variety.

The second one came along because I saw an opportunity to use some of the parts from the Tamiya kits I was buying to adorn my Imperial Guard tanks. I was accumulating a high number of barrels, so I will be placing some of them and some Jerry Cans into it to add interest and colour. I attacked the doors with a blade and they are being kept aside to be glued in an open position. This, along with the windows have been placed with a view to maintaining the idea of preventing lines of sight being drawn through the building.

Progress on these chaps should move along quite quickly and easily!


  1. I like these. If I have any parts left over from my imperial sector box, I may build some of my own.

  2. The great thing is that they don't take up very many parts, I used complete wall sections though you could easily make a part ruined one out of ruined wall sections. You will note that the roof is made from tiles from the Shrine of the Aquila set (as opposed to the standard tiles) but only because I had loads of 'em left over!

  3. I am actually considering getting two sectors next month.....a shrine and maybe some movement trays... Damnit too much Want!

  4. The movement trays are pretty good to work with, but you might be able to get plasticard for cheaper, and it is probably a little more flexible because it is easier to cut at the angles - whilst the trays are good for cutting along the marked lines.

  5. Sadly enough I have never even seen plasticard in stores around here :(