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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Re-Education Centre Cont...

Well, Meatspace has been catching up with me recently, but work has not completely stopped. Aside from my ongoing work on my Imperial Guard I have expanded the Re-Education Centre by adding a second floor. This includes a balcony to the front. In line with my drive for "accuracy" you might think I've forgotten to provide a door out to the balcony, but the first floor doesn't extend as far as the ground floor - suggesting that the door would have been in the now ruined section. The same could be said of the stairs, and I suppose this should be taken into account when it comes to adding rubble and the like!

When adding extra parts (an entire storey in this case) it's important to keep the continuity of the story of the building. What this means is to ensure that damage flows through as you might expect. Looking at the first image below you can see the the bottom of the first floor (that's the top one because I'm not American!) has no damage, even though it sits above the quite damaged ground floor (that's the bottom one for any Americans reading!). This just wouldn't do, so I attacked the new part of the building with a pair of clippers. I think that it is this sort of minor attention to detail that is easily missed, but can make a big difference to the "believe-ability" of the buildings.


  1. great work man, that building does look a lot more legitimate. I just tried to align my building pieces to have the damage flow, but following that pattern most buildings just turn out to be standing corners.

  2. Thanks. You can always align the pieces so that the damage is actually at the corner.

    As you can see above though, it can be quite effective to chop up panels that are higher up to make it look like a hole has been blasted into the building.

  3. commissar roboJune 17, 2011

    Can i suggest that when you are taking pictures you take one looking onto the first floor. ie. the revers of pics one 1 and 2.

    Anyway this is looking amazing oink, good work!

  4. Yes, I will do, thanks for that. I'll be sure to post up those pics in the next update of the Re-Education Centre.