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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Gallery - Battle Psyker Squad

Up until now I have been showcasing the progress on the various tanks in this army list. However, there are a number of infantry models that also needed to be finished. Not least of all was the Battle Psyker Squad. Here it is! Using the GW Imperial Guard Psykers, and an Imperial Guard Astropath model for the Overseer.

They also have a Chimera that needs painting... back to the paint station!


  1. Nice! Those turned out really well - the purple around the eyes is rather cool, definitely sets them apart as being psykers. Keep up the great work!

  2. The minis are nicely painted, no question. But they're somehow more or less the same, unfortunately.

    The Overseer looks too... psychic. But he's the only member of the squad that should look brutal and with a pitol or weapon at th ready to execute some psykers before they get possessed.

  3. Thanks for your comment Stempe, it's very much appreciated. I wanted to go with a rather regimented psyker unit - which is why I chose the GW metal miniatures as opposed to converting them out of something like Empire Flagellants.

    I can definatley agree about the Overseer. I imagined it as a "psychic overloord" type model, but I think that in the fullness of time I actually want to paint up an IG Commissar to represent the Overseer - as his mantra seems to fit right in.

    At that point, I'll already have an Astropath ready for play!