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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Armies - Hydras get a wash!

Hello all, progress is being made on the army list, as found here and the painting plan is basically being made on the go! To be fair there is a rough idea, though as we all know, no plan survives contact with the enemy.

Last time I showed you initial progress on the Hades Breaching Drill, which included work on the metal parts using Boltgun Metal over Charadon Granite. This time I'm going to show you the progress on the Hydra conversions - but more exactly, the wash that I will be using on all of the vehicles! The Hydras have had a Desert Yellow spray base.

The "Quickshade", made by Army Painter and for all intents and purposes is a varnish. The shading effects this gives are really quite good, and have the added advantage of giving a varnished finish which is great for applying transfers following the wash.

The pictures here show you that the wash does change the tint of the armour colour, adding a richness of tone as well as providing seemless shading. You do have to be particularly careful not to wash too much over areas, as otherwise it can pool but if you keep a keen eye on it as it starts to dry then you can get at bits to adjust things early.

I haven't started the wash on the main body of the Hydras yet, you might be able to make out that they still need some additional base colours applied first - such as a Boltgun drybrush onto the tracks, and I'm thinking a Catachan Green onto the Jerry Cans.

The downside with this wash is that it doesn't half take a long time to dry fully. It's going to be 12 hours before it is dry, and 24 hours before it is fully hardened. At which point I will be able to work on top of it.


  1. Ah, they were hydras!

    Those are about the awesomest looking hydra conversions I've ever seen. Where on earth did you manage to source the turret bits from?

  2. The turret is made using the Vulcan Megabolter from the Stormlord set. A couple of friends bought the Shadowsword box and neither wanted to make the Stormlord... the guns were mine! Then it was a simple matter of fixing them to the turret ring from a SM Razorback. The armour plates on either side of each weapon are also from the Stormlord set - part of the side weapon gun shields.

    I'm glad you like them!