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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Gallery - Executioner

They are coming in thick and fast now. Here's the executioner that I let you guys peek at a little while ago. I still have to sort out the lenses for all the tanks as discussed on that previous post, though I need to fully settle on the dark blue as suggested by Mordian7th. As the army needs to be done for the 40Konline Tournament on August 21st I might have to come back to do them later... The tournament is going to be at Triple Helix Wargames near Bath. 4x 1750pt games, so if anyone is interested in coming then head over to that link.

A close up of the most uninteresting part of the model. The only point of this is to show you the painting of the armour, including the progress I've made with my paint chipping & highlighting. You can also see the colour tinting on the exhausts to try and replicate the effects of heat on metal.


  1. Nice work, keep it up!

  2. Thanks, I've got more stuff finished that needs photographing... so I'll hopefully be putting up more pics over the week (though I'm also trying to finish off the last few units for a tournament at the weekend!)