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Friday, 12 August 2011

Armies - New IG Army List 1750!!

With just over a week to go until the 40KOnline Tournament I've decided (amongst much dispute and threat to life) to alter the previous army list. Apparently, it was too "leaf blower... y" and once I done some research and got some advice on what this actually meant, I could see how my list looked very similar to a number of other netlists. Well, that's no fun and simply wouldn't do! I decided the mechanised column could do without Imperial Navy support. Out go the vendettas, partly because they make the list a bit OTT, mostly because they are looking unlikely to meet the painting deadline.

Win win if you ask me.

Instead, I have received four Scout trucks from Ramshackle Games. Their picture shows the size of them, and you'll note that this means they should just about squeeze onto a sentinel sized base... which is exactly what I will be using them as. Scout outriders will fit the theme perfectly and will give me two outflanking sentinels (it's likely the other two will be painted up too, but used as objective markers).

I've debated swapping out the executioner for a second manticore but I can't bring myself to lose this nicely painted miniature!

So, this is what I'm looking at now (subject to change again, thanks to my inability to make my mind up!)

Salamander Command : 55 : 2x Heavy Bolters
(Rules in Imperial Armour Vol:1 Update)

Primaris Psyker : 70

Battle Psyker Squad : 145 : Overseer & 7 Psykers
- Chimera : Turret Multi Laser & Hull Heavy Flamer

Hades Breaching Drill : 50
(Rules in Imperial Armour Apocalypse II)

Platoon Command Squad : 100 : Officer, 2x Flamers, 2x Vets with Laspistol & CCW
- Chimera : Turret Multi Laser & Hull Heavy Flamer

Platoon Squad Alpha : 125 : Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher
- Chimera : Turret Multi Laser & Hull Heavy Flamer

Platoon Squad Bravo : 125 : Grenade Launcher, Rocket Launcher
- Chimera : Turret Heavy Bolter & Hull Heavy Bolter

Veteran Squad Charlie : 145 : Sergeant with Shotgun, 2x Meltaguns
- Chimera : Turret Mulit Laser & Hull Heavy Flamer

Heavy Weapons Team : 105 : 3x Lascannons

Veteran Spec Ops : 80 : Shotguns all round, 2x Flamers
(Join Hades Breaching Drill)

Banewolf : 130 : Hull Heavy Bolter

Scout Sentinels : 80 : 2x Sentinels with Autocannons

Leman Russ Executioner : 230 : Plasma Cannon Sponsons, Hull Heavy Flamer

Manticore : 160 : Hull Heavy Flamer

Hydra Squadron : 150 : 2x Hydra, Hull Heavy Bolters

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. Looking good! I'm a huge fan of Ramshackle Games - I'm using his bikes as alternate mounts for my rough riders and they work really well. I've also used his 'boring machines' as Termites. He makes some great minis for extremely reasonable prices. I hadn't noticed the Scout Car before, I'll have to nab a couple of those for my guard as well. I look forward to seeing 'em painted up - keep up the great work!

  2. Hi,

    The list looks tough, but not over the top. It would be a very tough game for my Dark Eldar, but other armies will have a chance.

    Not sure what the breaching drill does. I assume it allows the unit to deepstrike, and if so 50 pts seems a fair cost for it.

    Tank looks nice, can't wait to see the whole army painted up.

    See you in a week.


  3. The Ramshackle vehicle looks interesting, will be following closely how you '40kify' it and mount the Autocannon.

    I have a Hades just waiting for me to put some Vet squads together to go along with it. I was thinking of a similar setup with shotguns and flamers so I am very interested to see how they perform on the battlefield.

  4. Mordian, I have to say that it was looking through your blog that I noticed his termites... thats got me introduced to Ramshackle and I instantly spotted the potential of the bikes (the Quads look pretty good too). I plan on getting some scramblers for rough riders too (again along the mechanised theme). I think the Scout Car is actually pretty new, 'cos I don't remember seeing it a little while ago.

    Rictus & Rathstar; the Hades is a pretty neat piece of kit. I try to think of it like a transport for hte vet squad, letting them deep strike, but yea, it does so much more than that too. Check out the full rules in the FW Siege List.

    (you might irk at this Rathstar).

  5. "you might irk at this Rathstar"

    omg - i almost fell over reading the rules. Doesn't just allow the veterans to enter play from where it deep strikes, but is a seperate vehicle. Rhino chassis with blast melta weapon, doesn't suffer deepstrike mishap, but instead damages any enemy touched by the scattering 5" template and moves them out of the way, special raming rules, automatically comes up turn 2.

    How forgeworld costed this thing at 50 points is amasing :)

    At least you only have one, but it does bring your vehicle count to 13, and the Hades is the perfect disruption unit that has to be dealt with. Looking over your list again knowing the rules for the hades it's easily top tier (and I would say my pick for the tournament).

    Rathstar *praying his dark eldar don't get obliterated by your army*

  6. You know, I didn't notice that arrives turn two thing. I was thinking that only applied to games of apocalypse... but I'm not sure now, as in apoc ALL reserves come in on turn two, so there would be no need to say it again! Things might have got even better than I thought!!

    To be fair, the cost of the drill also has to be paired with the cost of a vet squad. But I've kept them minimal due to points limits... still 130pts its a bargain. I will say though, the Hades looks better on paper than it has been performing for me on the ground in my test games!

    Besides, you have to admit that hte model just looks so awesome! It would be rude NOT to take one!!


  7. I'll agree that the model is nice, doesn't stop it being very nasty for it' points :)

    It woul be fine if the vets were over costed, but I think they're fine (that's why I always see them zooming around in most lists in either chimeras or vendettas).


  8. I'm not going to say its not good (especially at that cost!) I think its the fact that it's coming for you, and there's nothing that you can really do about it! Once it's there though, it's not too difficult to take care of (assuming there is still stuff alive to do it!)